A short break from a busy but otherwise pleasurable day

“I just want my cup of coffee.”

Three steps out of the firm’s office–already he was interrupted.

“Harvey–I was just in the area and I wanted to hear your thoughts on the–”

“Bullshit you were in the area, Ronnie. I saw you jump the second you saw me. You were waiting for me.”

“Be that as it may–”

“Fuck you.”

Harvey walked off. Ronnie chased after him.

“I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the–”

Harvey stopped and turned on a dime. People buzzing around them. Towers towering over them. The noise of Wall Street hurting.

He put up an open palm to Ronnie. He said, “Fuck you Ronnie. I’ve got a meeting in five fucking minutes. Takes me about two minutes to get my daily cup of coffee at the bistro across the street there if I run, and I’m wasting one minute here talking to you. I told you a million goddamn fucking times, you call my secretary and she will pass on whatever bullshit it is you have to say, but since you decided to bless me with your presence on this glorious afternoon, I’ll tell you this–the proposal is shit. I don’t know what the fuck you’re thinking proposing anything of that magnitude of shit. I walk to the board with that I might as well have toilet paper stuck to my Testoni shoes and I say I forgot to wash my hands. If you think that’s anywhere close to a good idea–you need to get your fucking head examined. Do you get me?”

Ronnie’s mouth was agape and he didn’t say anything.

“Do you get me?”

Ronnie swallowed and then he said, “If you just look at the numbers–”

Harvey groaned and fixed his suit and tie and turned and continued walking.

“The numbers tell a different story.”

“No Ronnie they don’t. They tell the exact same story because they’re the same goddamn numbers every goddamn time. They haven’t magically changed.”

“Just take a second look.”

“How many fucking looks does it take to see shit and call it for what it is–it being shit? Look–I didn’t step out here to have a philosophical conversation with you, I’m going to get my coffee. I’ll catch you at the Palace Theatre next time or some shit.”

Harvey only managed two more steps–interrupted again.

“Hey! Harvey honey!”

A woman in high heels ran up to him and hugged him. Her purple dress broke up the dull crowd of grey suits.

Harvey bit his tongue and forced his jaw open and pushed her away and said, “Bun–what are you–what are you doing here?”

“Thought I’d surprise you by taking you out for lunch. See? I do think about you.”

“And I do appreciate it–I really do–but I don’t think now’s the best time for you to be here.”

“Why? I can’t take my man out on a date? On his birthday?”

“I’m not saying you can’t–”

“Who’s this young lady?”

Harvey turned again and glared and said, “Ronnie–I thought I told you to fuck off.”

“You didn’t tell me to fuck off. You told me fuck you.”

“Okay then. Fuck you. And now go fuck off.”

“I’m still not done talking about the proposal.”

“There’s nothing else to fucking talk about–Bun.”

He turned back again to the woman.

“Yes honey?”

“Could we–I appreciate the thought but–it’s just that I’m really busy right now so I’d like to get my coffee and go about the rest of my day.”

“Then I’ll walk with you.”

“I’m really busy right now.”

“Too busy to let me walk with you?”

“I am really busy right now. I mean–now’s not the time.”

“When’s the time?”

“Not now.”

“Come on Harvey, you can’t spare a minute with your wife?”

Harvey looking back and forth–Ronnie and Bun.

“What the fuck are you still doing here–she’s not my wife. You’ve met my wife Ronnie.”

“Oh right. The gala. I met Jason there too.”

“You’ve met my whole family.”

“And I’m sure they’d get a kick out of you taking a second look at the numbers, considering–”

“No one’s taking a second look at fucking anything Ronnie.”

“Come on honey, you at least have time for a croissant don’t you?”

“That’s the thing of it Bun–I don’t. I barely have time for my cup of coffee.”

“If you saw the projections in the proposal you could afford as many cups of coffee you like, whenever you like.”



“Are you stupid or are you dumb?”



“Yes honey?”

“I’ll see you after work. After work.”


Then Harvey went off. He could only carry out one step.

“Hey Harv!”

Harvey clenched his fists and said, “What the fuck?”

A man with a heavy coat and heavier accent came up to him. The other two not far behind.

“Where’s my money Harv?”

“Fucking goddammit–why are you here Barkhad? Why?”

“When I come up to you asking where is my money Harv–that’s a rather clear indication of intention.”

“But I mean why here–now?”

“Because you been ghosting me this whole fucking week man–that’s not cool. I don’t know what kind of Wall Street bullshit you bougie motherfuckers play at up there but that doesn’t fly down here.”

“Honey–who’s he?”

Harvey took a quick cut look at everyone–Ronnie and Bun and Barkhad. He tried to stand straight but he only went dizzy. He put a hand to his head and breathed.

“He’s not anyone, Bun.”

“The fuck you mean I’m not anyone? I am the third most important man in your life Harv–second being your daddy and the first being the Lord above. I am your dealer, a dealer you owe fifteen thousand dollars to.”

“Harvey–you owe this guy how much?”

“It’s not–”


“I’m telling you it’s not–”

“Harvey–what do you owe him for? Drugs?”

“I don’t–sometimes.”

“Sometimes what?”

“I do drugs sometimes.”

“Holy shit.”

“And what, you don’t? It’s just to get through my day a little better. Fucking everything makes your head spin up there.”

“Sure but–fifteen thousand dollars?”

“Let’s not get into that right fucking here okay?”


“Yes Bun?”

“Do you have like an addiction or something?”

“No. I don’t have like an addiction or something. I don’t have anything. I would like to have my goddamn coffee.”

“You’re not going to have shit until you pay me right here right now.”

“I just said–can’t we not do this right here, in front of everyone?”

“Or else what? In front of no one so you can snake off like the little slime you are?”

“Okay first off you fucked up your metaphor. Pretty sure snakes and slime don’t have anything to do with each other.”

“The fuck you say to me?”

Barkhad rushed him and Harvey put his hands up. People kept passing but remained in their willful ignorance.

“Okay okay–Barkhad wait!”

Barkhad waited.


“Yes Bun?”

“Do you want to go? We can go.”

“I would very much like to go. I would like to go by myself, I would like to go across the street, I would like to get my fucking cup of coffee which I no longer have the time to get and get back to work which I am now late for! Just–please. Everyone. Just leave me alone. We can do this some other time.”

“No one’s going fucking anywhere until I get my fifteen thousand.”

“Fucking Christ, Barkhad.”


“What Ronnie? What?”

“If you got money troubles then I think you’d really like to take a second look at the–”

“Fuck you and fuck your numbers Ronnie! What the fuck are you still fucking doing here anyway?”

“Honey please–we can just leave and go to a park. Doesn’t that sound nice? Celebrate your birthday with a walk at a park?”

“That does sound nice Bun but I want to get my coffee, I want to get back to work.”



“It’s your birthday?”


“Well happy birthday.”


“As a present I’ll only collect half right now.”

“Fuck–I don’t have–can everyone just back the fuck up and leave me the fuck alone?”

Harvey turned and turned around again and made a run for it.

Barkhad put his hands on him. Harvey wobbled. Bun slapped Barkhad. Harvey tripped. Ronnie stepped in between Bun and Barkhad. Harvey fell from the sidewalk and got clipped by a speeding police car and died.

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